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Intimacy is Acceptance

At the very root of intimacy is acceptance. To be accepted for all of who we are. Accepted for our flaws. Our brokenness. To have another that lets us work through our shame. Someone who might even be turned on by what is broken inside of us. The idea that our flaws are what makes us beautiful.

Real intimacy is a doorway to show us how powerful relationships are built. Not just intimately but relationships with all humans. With friends, strangers, siblings, children. Accepting without expectations. Seeing someone as they are rather than what you expect in your mind.

We have to think beyond the fantasies we have of another. Not going through a motion of checklists. Attaching ourselves to the idea of someone rather than who they really are. We have to realize our expectations and ideas live in our own world. Not theirs. They see the world differently. Filled with their own desires. They have their own battles. Their own internal conflicts and things they struggle with.

It’s inside of acceptance we can feel safe to open up. To be completely vulnerable with another. To let go and exist with another. In a way our acceptance of each other lets out the best version of ourselves. They hold a mirror to our most essential selves. And that is where the most incredible and intimate moments are born from. Something we couldn’t even imagine. Far beyond an expectation or fantasy we’ve had. An organic and pure moment between two vulnerable souls.