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Listen to Your Body

Your mind speaks too much
It’s a storyteller
An idea maker
It cares about you.
It only wants to protect you.
But doesn’t know how.
Your mind is lost in the words.

Listen to your body.
Your body is quiet.
Always there holding you.
It has felt all of you.
Your delight.
Your pain.
Your suffering.
It has lifted you out of bed.
Day after day.

Your body protects you from the outside world.
It shields your inner power.
Not letting it get tarnished.
Your body knows.
It knows with quiet confidence.
It knows you.
It knows who you really are.
Who you are meant to be.

Listen to your body.
Your instinct.
Your raw nature.
Listen to the body that has cultivated all of your feelings.
Your body knows real fear.
It can sense danger when your mind is worried about how you might look.
It can sense opportunity when your mind is lost in fantasies.
It can sense the authentic nature of another when your mind is clinging on to every word.
It feels love rather than thinks it.
Your mind creates the fantasies.
Your body lives the reality.

Listen to your body.
It knows the way.